Project Management Services 

Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of service possible whilst at the same time providing our Clients with a specific and tailored service for each and every project. 
Our skill is reflected in achieving the balance between cost, time, quality and flexibility in delivering the project to the Clients’ expectations and satisfaction. 
'Good leaders are hard to find, but great project managers are rearer still.' 

Our Project Management Services Include: 

Our intention is to ensure that Clients are able to relieve themselves of the burden of day-to-day detail whilst resting assured that they retain the right of decision and that the service we provide is tailored to meet their own special requirements, through the control and monitoring of all activities contributing to the completion of work with particular attention to the following: 
The co-ordination and management of the activities leading to the establishment of a design brief, including the planning of the Client’s operational requirements. 
The co-ordination of the activities of the Design Team to ensure that the design brief is translated into an acceptable design which meets the Client’s functional requirements. 
Programming and control of progress at every stage of the project. 
Cost Control at every stage of the project. 


Detailed reports on all aspects of the project are provided throughout the design, construction and maintenance periods of the project. The frequency of the reports are agreed with the Client at the outset and are programmed to coincide with the Client’s financial or organisational requirements. 

Monitoring Progress and Identifying Corrective Action 

We always envisage an active role in the monitoring process involving attendance at meetings with Clients, Design Team, construction team or others, the frequency and timing of which depends upon the size, complexity and duration of the project. 
Progress information is summarised in monthly reports which identify to the Client/user areas of importance and sound the appropriate warning notes regarding pending problems. In the event of deviation from the general programme, we analyse the effects on the progress of the individual elements of the projects to the overall project and take appropriate action to correct any unwanted deviation. 


Our Project Management services will include some or all of the following duties: 


Assist in preparing the Client's brief ( including advice on procurement ) 
Develop Project Manager's brief 
Advise on budget/funding arrangements 
Advise on site acquisition, grants and planning 
Arrange feasibility study and report 

Strategy Stage 

Develop project strategy 
Prepare Project Manager’s Brief 
Develop Consultant's brief 
Devise project programme 
Select Project Team members 
Establish management structure 


Co-ordinate design processes 
Value engineering 
Appoint consultants (eg. Architectural, Engineering, Quantity Surveying) 
Arrange insurance and warranties 
Select procurement system 
Arrange tender documentation 
Organise contractor pre-qualification 
Evaluate tender 
Participate in contractor selection 
Participate in contractor appointment 


Monitor progress, costs, quality 
Arrange meetings (eg. progress, technical) 
Authorise payments 
Organise communication/reporting system 
Provide technical, design and project co-ordination 
Issue safety/health procedures 
Address environmental aspects 
Co-ordinate statutory authorities 
Monitor budget and variation orders 
Develop final account 


Arrange pre-commissioning/commissioning 
Organise handover/occupation 
Advise on marketing disposal 
Organise maintenance manuals (including emergency operations) 
Operation and Maintenance 
Plan for maintenance period 
Develop maintenance programme/staff training 
Plan facilities management 
Arrange for feedback monitoring 

Contract Administration 

Navas Associates provide construction project management services for commercial clients. We can work with your architectural and build team in whatever way you choose. If you are planning a major construction project and are a professional property developer, run your own company or are a buy-to-let residential landlord or a commercial landlord we can help. 
We believe that effective project management is an essential part of every successful commercial building project. Setting and keeping to the timescale, controlling the construction budget and ensuring the building work is finished to the correct quality and specification is crucial. 
Our contract administration services are available for your clients should your workload or the project location mean your practice needs additional resource. We offer a variety of service levels with varying onsite visit frequencies to meet the needs and budget of each client. 

CDM Coordination 


NAVAS ASSOCIATES can provide CDM Principal Designer services for your home renovation, extension or new build construction project. 
CDM Principal Designer services are now a key part of any significant building project. 
The new regulations cover the health and safety side of your building project. As your project manager, we can help ensure that you have all the health and safety needs of your building project covered. 
It is a little-known fact that in April 2015 the CDM (Construction Design Management) regulations changed. This means that a CDM Principal Designer is required on all domestic building projects. 
The new regulations mean that as a home owner who is undertaking building work, you have the responsibility to ensure that no-one is harmed during the work and that your building is safe to use and maintain in the future. That means you are have to appoint a CDM Principal Designer. 


A CDM Principal Designer plans, manages and coordinates the safety elements of the planning and design work, and how it applies to your home’s construction project. They co-ordinate and share information rather than generate technical information.  
CDM Principal Designers are not Health and Safety experts nor architectural designers. Instead they evaluate safety risks and establish a project procedure for safety. 
It is important that you appoint your CDM Principal Designer for your building project as early as possible. They can then help you gather information about the construction works and ensure that your architects or designer has done all they can to check that your new home, extension or renovation works can be built safely. 
The new regulations require the CDM Principal Designer to: 
Assist you in identifying, obtaining and collating the pre-construction information – this might include known site hazards and a plan of how the build will be managed. 
Provide pre-construction information to architects or designers, the principal contractor and contractors. 
Ensure that designers comply with their duties and co-operate with each other. 
Liaise with the principal contractor for the duration of the appointment. 
Prepare the health and safety file. 


Most large building projects are complex and involve the use many different trades on site. There are types of activities that are particularly high-risk. 
The role of the CDM Principal Designer is to understand these types of risks and give them careful thought. This ensures that the activities throughout the building works will be carried out safely by all involved. 
High risk activities are anything that’s potentially dangerous on your building site including: 
Working at height, on ladders or scaffolding, roofs or platforms and excavations. This includes both the process of creating them and ensuring that no one can fall from, or into them. 
Supporting structures. The potential collapse of structures means that any support must be installed by someone competent to do so. 
Electricity. Any type of involvement with cabling or power during the building works. 
Hazardous materials. The removal of asbestos or other contaminants from the site. 
Machinery. The use of forklifts, diggers or cherry pickers for both deliveries and construction. 


If you don’t appoint a CDM Principal Designer, you will be responsible for the things that they should have done. 
The aim of the role is to prepare the Pre-Construction Health and Safety Plan to pass to the Principal Contractor (your main builder) and brief him on the contents. 
The plan will consist of: 
Health and Safety information relating to design for construction and future use. 
Identification of unusual, significant or hard to manage risks. 
A list of key assumptions made during the design process. 
Any information about sequencing. 
Any information about phased handovers. 
Any temporary support requirements. 
The role of the CDM Principal Designer usually continues through construction unless you specifically request in writing that you want the responsibility is to be taken on by the CDM Principal Contractor. 


The role of the Clerk of Works on site is to ensure that the building is built in accordance with the approved drawings, the agreed specification and the building standards. With large scale projects Hardies provide Clerk of Works Services from the commencement of works on site to the end of the defects liability period. We also carry out single defects inspections for latent or hidden defects or pre-occupation inspections if required. 
Work and Material Inspections 
Progress Recording 
Monitoring Contract Compliance 
Weekly Reports 
Defects Inspections 
Quality Control Inspections 
Snagging prior to Handover 
Practical advice to Design Team 


Navas Associates has extensive experience is designing and building projects through the development of design briefs, employers requirements in line with the procurement route advised and selected by the client. 
We utilise design associates to assist us in developing drawings and specifications taking into account the client brief and developing a design that is buildable, cost effective and meets the project objectives in terms of high-quality building projects that are sustainable, functional and contribute to the built environment. 


We can offer your clients a flexible, bespoke approach with full or partial project management support. We can project manage via a main contractor or trade-by-trade approach. In the latter case, typically the client employs the tradesmen directly and we provide control to keep the project on track. This is a non-standard approach but allows some projects that would otherwise be over-budget to proceed where they otherwise wouldn’t. Naturally, we remain independent of all tradesmen providing protection to the client in terms of time, cost and quality. 
Read more about our project management services by following the link below. 
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